DJ Beckham Jr vs. Guido Genatto

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DJ has been campaigning to the powers that be for more ring time and opponents.  He squashed Bobby Bryce, but that was hardly proof of his prowess.  He also gave Caleb Klein a run for his money, but ultimately the W4H vet came out on top.  DJ is all kinds of dark, brooding good looks, with a chiseled hunky frame, and has had plenty of pro success outside the walls of W4H.  So, maybe it was a bit of an evil trick when they sent “dirty daddy” Guido Genatto into the locker room as DJ is getting ready.  Fans know that Genatto is one beast of a wrestler — a hairy, brawny trash talker with a totally uninhibited and unfiltered crazy side.

DJ proclaims he’s about to wrestle for the championship of the world, and after Genatto butts DJ’s head into a locker, Genatto wonders exactly what world he’s talking about.  Genatto makes it clear that DJ is going to have to prove himself to daddy if he ever hopes to advance here.  Anyone who has seen DJ wipe the mat with twinky Bobby Bryce in an unrelenting pummeling, will likely think Bobby saved his allowance to pay for this set up, and to watch with glee.  It’s DJ’s turn to be squashed.  In the tight quarters of the locker room, DJ’s agility and experience with the ropes is not much of a match for the brute force of Genatto.  Genatto does not need much room for his arsenal of submissions, chokes, and sleepers.

Just when you think DJ will end up begging for mercy, he manages a reversal, slamming Genatto’s head into the lockers several times.  But this glory is fleeting.  Soon, DJ’s back is flat against the lockers, with Genatto applying a fearsome stomach claw.  Genatto next begins a relentless assault on DJ’s wrists and ankles.  It’s going to be a long, limping walk home for DJ.  And Genatto once again proves why the “dirty daddy” commands respect and attention.

Run Time 19 minutes, 44 seconds

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