DJ Beckham Jr vs. Caleb Klein

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DJ is a pro wrestler who has had success in other circuits, and wants to bring his brand of macho charisma to W4H.  He’s incredibly muscled with abs that could easily do the laundry, and a handsome, dark, mystique.  It seems like a good choice to break him in is fan favorite, Caleb Klein, a powerful opponent with boy next door good looks, and plenty of success of his own.  These two start out with a prolonged test of strength before they start trading pain back and forth, and there’s really no early indication of who will leave the ring victorious.

These two are fairly evenly matched, and each can hold their own, with an array of TV-ready moves.  Pro fans will appreciate the obvious skill on display.  But when Caleb has DJ in a camel clutch sleeper, and just when you think those eyes will close, DJ summons the strength to stand up, taking Caleb with him, before slamming Caleb into the corner, and exacting some more revenge. DJ will never go down easy.  Caleb comes back later with a figure four that has DJ writhing in pain, but, as seems to become the norm here, DJ is highly skilled at reversals, and in moments, it’s Caleb who is locked up and groaning.

Just when you think DJ might quickly achieve dominance in the W4H ring, Caleb proves why he’s been here so long.  He’s got the stamina and the chops to keep getting up, and he piledrives DJ into the mat, taking the match.  Clearly, DJ has some more work to do.

Run Time 21 minutes, 49 seconds

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