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Brendan Byers versus Drew Harper (Part 2)

At the end of Part 1, Drew had Brendan reeling.  Down on the mat, Drew grabs one of Brendan's legs in a half Boston Crab and reaches through to grab Brendan's balls for good measure.  Brendan can give as good as he gets though, and a well timed and placed blow to Drew's midsection collapses the blond stud to the mat and now it is Brendan's turn for some play time.  A very close schoolboy pin pisses off Drew at the wrong time and he comes back guns blazing, leg dropping Brendan, twisting his nipples and standing on the larger man's throat. 

You have to play the long game sometimes though, and Brendan is just biding his time waiting to pounce once more, and when he does, he suplexes Drew perfectly which leaves Harper unconscious on the mat.  Another schoolboy pin (although not one Drew will remember) and Brendan has taken the match leaving Drew lying in the middle of the ring.  Two experienced grapplers going toe to toe.  A definite winner!

Total running time:  10 minutes, 01 seconds

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