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Brendan Byers versus Drew Harper (Part 1)

There aren't too many people who can match the height or Drew Harper.  Unfortunately for Drew, Brenda Byers happens to be one of those people, and his upper body stength may outclass him as well.  

When the two meet on the mat, it appears as though the pair will be going to be trading some Greco-Roman moves as Brenan gets down on a fours and Drew drops behind him as though an amateur match was about to begin.  Taking Brendan to the mat does not last though as Brendan has other ideas and soon he is grabbing Drew's nipples and twisting them as Drew screams in pain. 

The pair exchange many low blows throughout the contest, fully cementing the fact that this will not be a match run on amateur rules, they are big boys and they want to take the fight to their opponent.  Feet to the crotch, Boston Crabs and good old stomping on your fallen opponent all litter the first part of this two part match.  The two seem pretty evenly matched, will a clear victor emerge in Part 2?

Total running time:  11 minutes, 12 seconds

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