Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Danny Del Toro

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Get ready for a fun, nasty little fight between two young, lean, muscular, cocky, trash-talking pups. Dimitri’s one of those dime-a-dozen pretty boys, all sparkly and smooth in stars and stripes speedos, white boots, and sporting some lines in his hair that he thinks give him some edge. He pulls himself up when face-to-face with sexy, grinning Danny Del Toro, already a rising star in the world of wrestling. Del Toro is covered in geek culture tats, with black boots, with buzzed hair, the mouth of a sailor, and a killer ass. He pushes, shoves, slaps, and humiliates pretty Dimitri, before slapping his balls like a boss. 

Del Toro pulls Dimitri’s hair, slaps his face, buries his face deep in his armpit, and crushes his balls with a tightly closed fist. Boots bash and batter those balls. Dimitri’s package is brutalized, and his back is bent into impossible shapes as Del Toro proves himself superior again and again. Dimitri manages to wriggle free, pulling Del Toro into a twisted camel variation, then digging his knee deep into the tatted stud’s back. 

Soon both battling boys are covered in sweat, which streams down faces and back, abs and thighs. Wet fists slam into wet stomachs, and fingers claw sweat-soaked pecs and lace through sopping wet hair. Necks are cranked, asses are spanked and wedgies, and two raging pups wriggle, wrestle, rage, and ruin one another in a highly aggressive, almost catty back-and-forth. This is one rivalry that will not soon be resolved, as the champion shoves his thumb into the loser’s crack, then solidifies his victory with a sweaty face sit. 

Total Runtime: 19 minutes, 03 seconds

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