Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Blake Starr

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You haven’t lived if you haven’t fought outside. Just ask cute, cut cousins Dimitri Darkthorn and Blake Starr, who are waiting outside to wrestle yours truly. You can even hear the sound of a punishing match going on inside. But they can’t agree who could beat me up better (as if). These guys have probably been fighting since they were kids, and now that they’re muscle men in tiny speedos, their rivalry is deeply rooted and full of boastful rage. 

After fighting over the camera’s attention, they challenge each other to a pushup contest. But with each attempt at a pushup, somebody beats on somebody else! Blake closes his thighs around Dimitri’s neck. Dimitri camels Blake. They push and shove, choke, and keep trying to get through ten pushups without being interrupted. 

Pale, taught wrestlers slap and swing at each other, cursing like 1940’s street kids as they kick and lock bare feet around one another, claw pecs and abs, and pry legs wide open so the camera can get in close and personal to their barely contained junk. The camera makes a high def study of biceps, feet, and more, as these guys test each other’s cores with punishing scissor holds. As the rivalry builds over who gets to fight me, the aggression grows until they tumble to the mat in what might be the most epic hold imaginable...like a double spladle...you’ve got to see it to believe it. 

Total Runtime - 24 minutes, 17 seconds

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