Detective Boy vs. Blue Titan

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Detective Boy is on his own.  His sidekick is nowhere to be found, but Detective Boy is confident he can defeat the evil villain Blue Titan.  Blue Titan has other plans though, as he knows that Detective Boy is still early in his superhero training.  What begins as a test of strength contest quickly evolves into the Blue Titan showing our hero sidekick that when it comes to defeating evil, there is no substitue for experience, something Detective Boy is seriously lacking.  Quickly upon the blond haired hero, Blue Titan begins his deconstruction of heroism.
Beating Detective Boy mercilessly, Blue Titan uses Detective Boy's own cape to choke the sculpted hero into near unconsciousness.  Never letting him fully slip away, the Blue Titan is having too much fun toying with our helpless hero.  Elevating him onto his shoulders and delivering a devastating airplane spin, Detective Boy cannot stand once his ride ends.  Back upon him Blue Titan attempts to rearrange his nose, pulling and twisting while our hero screams in pain.  Gasping for air as his head is crushed between the impressive thighs of our villain, Detective Boy is nearly down for good.
Choking with the cape gives way to straight out choking with his bare hands as Blue Titan cannot get enough of punishing and humiliating Detective Boy.  The humiliation continues as soon Blue Titan strips our hero sidekick down to just a red thong.  Before long, Blue Titan just can't seem to get enough of delivering low blow after low blow, continually causing Detective Boy to bend over in excruciating pain and embarrassment, folding like a deck of cards down to the mat each time, unable to speak or do more than just groan.  Our villain will not be stopped this day!!!  
Total running time:  20 minutes, 53 seconds

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Dylan Geiger
The Total Destruction Of A Sidekick 😈

Drew Harper Played The Relentless And Merciless Villian Role Perfectly And Mars Played The Helpless Sidekick That Didn't Stand A Chance Role Perfectly As Well, And I Love Wrestling Videos That Are Filled With Non Stop Pain And Punishment Lasts For Either 20 Minutes Or Over 20 Minutes, And I Am Glad That Drew Harper And Mars Decided To Do This Video, Because It Really Entertains Me Everytime That Watch It And I Am Very Glad That Purchased It. 👍🏻😈🆒️🔥💯

Hero Hotness!

I am not usually a fan of Drew Harper but he makes a great villain! I really enjoyed his mean-talking nasty character as he works Detective Boy over. DB (Ring name: Mars) is a very sexy guy and I hope W4H do lots more videos with him being wedgied, nipple-tortured and ballbusted.

And yes, that costume does come off eventually!

I loved this video!


I must say it is amazing ... pure evil domination, lot of sweat, nice talking

Scorching Chemistry

This was one of the hottest match ever! Both Mars and Drew Harper are not only gorgeous and have unbelievable bodies but are talented in the ring. They can act and wrestle, and their dialogue, taunts and trash talk take this match to the next level. Please pair these two up in a rematch or more hero and villain dynamics. They have sizzling chemistry together and it's so hot to see these two spar. Drew makes a nasty, diabolical villain who truly dishes the pain and wedgies, and Mars is earnest and heroic, spouting earnest talk about fighting for justice. Mars truly makes the perfect Detective Boy and it would be hot to see him suffer, stripped, and humiliated as the boyish hero against multiple villains in future matches, especially going solo against multiple villains at the same time in handicap matches. Favorite moments include Drew, with his cape on, sitting over Mars' handsome face and humiliating him, and all the moments where he put Mars in a wedgie and exposed his ass to the camera. Giving a light spank to Detective Boy was hot, and would've liked to see a villain dish more spanking of any type to bratty Detective Boy in the future, or even a spanking match would be inspired. Once Mars was stripped to his tiny thong, it took me over the edge. I would've liked to see more humiliating wedgies and putting Mars in holds to show off and expose his magnificent ass close up to the camera. Bravo to one of the hottest match ever. Great acting, writing, directing! More please!

Andy Trevisan
Hero totally humiliated

It's spectacular to watch a strong and beautiful hero like Mars being humiliated and subdued by the villain. Every punch, wedgie, strip, ball squeeze, your ass exposed... It's one of your best videos and I want to buy everyone that has Mars suffering all sorts of humiliation like this one. Congratulations to the screenwriter who guessed everything I like!

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