Depp vs. Killer Kris (Rookie Wrecker)

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This is wrestling as an art, with one many being the master, and the other man serving as his canvas to do whatever he wanted.  It is brutal, it is sadistic and it can be painful to watch...but in all the good ways. 

Killer Kris is the real deal.  An obviously accomplished ring grappler, he knows how to land blows, not just physical but verbal as well.  He knows the pain points in an individual, not just muscular but psychological as well.  And he does everything with almost surgical precision.  So here, when he first sees Depp almost wrestling the camera, he is somewhat unimpressed.  When he falsely attempts a handshake with Depp,   he quickly moves to a kick to the midsection of the unsuspecting wrestler, and as he makes his first offensive move on Depp a suplex, you know we are in for something special.  Kris is about to show the newbie what it is like to step into the squared circle with a bonafide professional wrestler, and all the pain and humiliation that comes with that.

To say that Killer Kris delivers a beating the likes which has seldom been seen is an understatement.  Kris brings his A game, complete with dominating bodyslams, head butts to Depp's midsection, and clotheslines that would down a main twice the size of this lightweight.  Strikes like something straight out of the Monday Night Wars seem to virtually cave Depp's chest in. 

Only a third of the way through the match and Depp is already admitting he made a mistake getting into the ring with Killer.  The multiple drops across Killer's knee are not for the weak of heart, and Kris' power slam of Depp has both of them virtually bouncing up off the mat from the ferocity.  

But there is still more!  Three successive DDTs in short order followed by a sharpshooter have Depp screaming that he gives up.  When Killer tells Depp to grab the ropes and he will released the hold, and Depp is successful, Kris instead bites Depp's fingers wrapped around the bottom rope! 

The finale comes (mercifully for Depp) in the form on three pile drivers.  Kris covers the prone youngster and in one final humiliation, uses the ropes to prevent Depp from kicking out (which he would have been able to do anyways). 

You will absolutely love this one and will watch it over and again!

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 32 seconds

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