Demon Prince vs. Chase Sinn

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The mysterious Demon Prince looks like something straight out of Cirque du Soleil, in black boots, sleeves, and dynamic black and white body paint that masks his face and gives him the serpent-like other-worldliness. He stretches to music, giving sun salutations and displaying his hot, smooth, olive-skinned, dancer-like body. Enter no nonsense Chase Sinn in his old reliable leather jacket. Chase doesn’t have the time for this fancy display, but he sure as hell has the energy for it!

Demon Prince instantly eats mat, ropes, and Chase’s boots, as he’s gripped by the hair and hurled like he weighs nothing at all. Chase’s leather jacket makes an ideal gag rag, as he coils it around the artist’s throat and squeezes with unforgiving brutality, then shoves the jacket into Demon Prince’s mouth do deeply, you’ll feel like you can taste it too.

But Demon Prince is more than just an intriguing artist, he’s an athlete, a gymnast, with terpsichorean grace, launching himself into the air with agility and ease. But will it be enough to resist the pro? Or will the Demon Prince be left in a puddle of his own smeared makeup?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes. 30 seconds

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