Dawson Delight vs. Noah Yuckenberg

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Dawson really needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. So far, all it’s done is get him into serious trouble in the Wrestler4Hire ring. But then, maybe he likes trouble? This time, he tries to suck up to Noah, who’s got an angelic face, but a devilish attitude. Since Dawson usually finds himself on the losing end of another wrestler’s winning experience, this should be familiar territory. Noah’s got him cranked and extended in pain in no time, demanding that Dawson scream “I’m your bitch!” 

But maybe Dawson has actually learned something from all those times he’s been tossed around like a rag doll because in a surprise move, he gets Noah into a head scissors. Momentarily stunned by this reversal of fortune, Dawson is able to peel off Noah’s baggy board shorts, revealing tight red trunks. Back to his feet and angry to be humiliated, Noah strips off his shirt, too, signaling he’s ready to bring on the true pain. And here it gets interesting, because Dawson was not a one hit wonder. He manages to give as good as he takes, wrapping his thighs and butt around that pretty face and demanding that Noah take a big whiff. 

Of course, Noah is still the bigger and more experienced wrestler and Dawson’s beginner’s luck may run out. Noah goes into full attack mode, and repays the butt sniff with a painful wedgie, totally flossing Dawson’s tightly clenched ass cheeks. You can definitely tell who’s spending their free time in a tanning bed. Perhaps Dawson would be better served by using that time for some more training? But what he lacks in finesse he makes up for in energy, and Dawson manages another submission head scissors, Noah’s baby face once again pinched in pain.

This momentary advantage makes Dawson a little took cocky, because Noah regains control and now Dawson’s really going to pay. Noah bends him like a pretzel, choking him into repeated submissions. Noah takes his double-bicep victory pose, but decides he’s not quite done. He’s got a little more special punishment left to ensure everyone knows Dawson is his bitch. 

Run-time: 22 minutes, 29 seconds

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