Dawson Delight vs. Nick Justice

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Long-time fans know Nick Justice is the take-no-prisoners master heel and sadist in the Wrestler4Hire rings, so the ready-to-submit twink, Dawson, should be an easy target. Dawson is stretching alone on the mat, legs wide open, hands taking every opportunity to not so subtly squeeze his crotch. He’s not big, but he sure is limber. Probably a good thing, because he’s sure to be wrapped up like a pretzel in short order. 

Justice needs no introduction, and the comparisons to Chris Pratt are worthy. He’s an evil jokester and muscle monster who is always on the lookout for a new minion to lock away in his dungeon. But there’s something new here. Justice is in a singlet instead of his usual full body gear – and he ain’t too happy about it! In his usual f-bomb laced opening tirade, he accuses Dawson of stealing his signature outfit. Of course Dawson begs him to hear the truth — that he had nothing to do with it — and of course Justice doesn’t really care. Any excuse to deliver his special brand of Justice pain and dominance. 

All you really need to know is that Justice knows exactly what he’s doing in the ring, and he’s going to stretch out, choke out, and slam out every ounce of Dawson’s manhood. And just when you think Dawson might get a little relief from a sleeper, Justice drags him back for more, wrapping his singlet strap around his neck. With Dawson flat out on the mat, Justice leans over, takes a whiff and proclaims, “That’s the smell of Vaseline and shame!” And what better way to teach Dawson what a real man smells like than to elbow drop onto his face up, heaving victim and grind his armpit right into his face. 

Will Dawson finally satisfy Justice’s minion demands? Or will Justice take another submissive soul? Either way, it’s a delightfully painful squash job. 

Run-time: 20 minutes, 45 seconds

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