Davin Strong vs. Ricky Felix

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Davin Strong has been systematically working his way through the W4H roster.  A massive mountain of a man, his upper torso rivals just about anyone else in its size and power.  And he has used that advantage to rather easily put down just about every opponent he has come across.  He hasn't met Ricky Felix yet, though.  Ricky is a wily veteran of the squared circle, and he knows rule #1 about how to deal with bigger and more powerful men - get them off their feet and the odds are evened.
From the first moment, Lash delivers a powerful low blow to the big man, and Davin falls like a tall tree.  Wincing in pain, Davin can neither muster the strength or the concentration to put up any type of defense.  When he finally is able to stand and face Lash, Davin falls for the feint of a contrite Ricky who is looking for bygones to be bygones and wants to shake hands.  Rule #2 - never shake hands with a guy who has just delivered a low blow to you.  A leopard doesn't change their spots and Davin falls once again.
Due solely to Davin's immense body strength, he does manage to get on top of Ricky but just as he is about to change the match entirely in his favor, Lash pulls another cheap trick out of his playbook and Davin is once more bent over, wincing in pain, whether from a ball grab or riding the ring ropes, Felix once again manages to retake the upper hand.  Davin is handled in a way he has rarely been handled in this match, and I think he would do well to remember that size and power only take you so far in a ring, you have to know how to move and compete and look for openings as well!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 45 seconds

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Rematch! We want Davin's Revenge

Well, i like all of Davin's matches. I guess a pro wrestler has the best chance to beat Davin. This match was kind of fun but not all that believable. i would like to see what happens to the "pro" once Davin is pissed and gets his paw on Ricky Felix.

I am sure not everyone agrees but i think Davin is best when dominating. Some big guys can job but for some reason it doesn't work well with Davin Jobbing.

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