Davin Strong vs. Lash

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Why is it when smaller wrestlers go up against some heavier, more powerful and obviously stronger than them they feel need to try a cheap trick?  Don't they realize unless they deliver a knockout blow, the odds are NOT in their favor, and bad things are bound to happen to them.  So it is with Lash, who as he and Davin Strong are comparing flex poses, grabs a hold of Davin's arm in an apparent attempt to get the large Davin into an arm bar.
As expected, this does not go well for Lash and soon Davin is all over the smaller Lash with power move after power move.  Multiple power locks on the prone Lash are followed by Davin doing pushups on the body of Lash as he lays on the mat.  Several times Lash attempts to scurry away, only to be corralled by Davin for more punishment.  In that vein, there are several times that Davin "rides" a prone Lash as he is on the mat.....Davin does love a good cowboy story.
Lash does manage to dish out some of Davin's own medicine, however briefly, until the inevitable happens and Lash is found to once be thrown around the ring like a rag doll.  Placed in one of the most brutal bearhugs ever filmed, Davin eventually slaps his arms around the head of Lash and chokes off the air, as Lash slowly fades from the waking world to the sleeping nod, the victim of a sadistic sleeper.  Whatever hopes Lash may have had at the beginning of the match are now entirely gone and Davin stands victoriously posing over another victim!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 01 second

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