Davin Strong vs. Jonny The Body

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Davin Strong is stretching in the ring when he notices on the other side of the ring, Jonny the Body is also stretching.  Jonny offers to give Davin some advice in limbering up, but in the process of helping him, Jonny grabs a headlock and starts their match without warning.  Bad move.  Davin outweighs Jonny by a fair amount, and Davin's upper body is more akin to a prehistoric armored predator.  Jonny soon finds himself on the wrong end of a Davin Strong beatdown.
Davin has his own ideas of how Jonny can stretch out, and he is just the man to help him.  So he stretches and pulls and twists Jonny to no end.  Jonny does manage to offer some offense against his much bigger opponent, but it is too little, too late, as Davin just picks Jonny up and puts him into a devastating bearhug, followed by a tightly held headlock with Jonny on the mat, Davin's python like arms slowly decreasing the amount of oxygen the Jonny is able to take in.  
At one point Davin has Jonny slung over his shoulder like a bag of fertilizer, before unceremoniously dropping him on the mat on his mat.  Davin likes playing with his new toy, and when the end finally arrives, his punishment will only stop when Jonny calls him his "Muscle Daddy".  Will Jonny submit and offer Davin the name he craves?  Or will Jonny just grin and bear the beatdown?  You'll have to watch to find out, but I can guarantee is you enjoy seeing a muscled stud beatdown on a smaller guy, this match is for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 51 seconds

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