Davin Strong vs. Chace LaChance

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Chace LaChance is a force of nature in the ring, sporting one of the most impressive upper bodies in underground wrestling!
Imagine Chace's surprise looking across the ring at the form of Davin Strong, an individual whose upper body rivals his own. Although Chace indicates he's unimpressed, it is not long before he is forced to give Davin his due!
There's no choice once Davin begins one of the most surprising beatdowns of Chace that has even been recorded.
An attempted cheap trick by Chace doesn't quite work out the way he had hoped and he finds himself on the receiving end of several blows to the back, at the mercy of the big man! Repeated kicks to his back and midsection serve to only further Chace and soon he is moaning "I give".  An attempted comeback by Chace is quickly thwarted by Davin as Chace finds he is in the ring who may be just as powerful as he is.  Stumbling around the ring after several attacks, Chace is unaware of where he is.
Chace next tries something that against anyone else would surely work - a test of strength.  Unfortunately, Chace's string of bad luck in the match continues, and instead Chace is once again on the match, in the tight grip of Davin.  If you are not used to seeing Chace manhandled then this match will truly surprise you.  Chace may have added a new dreamcatcher tattoo to his back since we last saw him, but the only thing he is catching is a nightmare of an opponent in Davin Strong!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 12 seconds

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