Dashing Dustin vs. James Quarterstaf

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Dustin showed up with his boyfriend, James and their friends to a recent shoot a few miles from my house. I knew right away I had to get him in a speedo and some wrestling matches. As quick as I could ask, Dustin answered in the affirmative. It seems we were both eager for the same thing.

I thought a great first match would be to pit boyfriend vs boyfriend. Dustin vs. James. They told me they wrestle all the time at home, which made me quite curious. These guys went fast and hard in a real competitive mat wrestling bout with loads of trash talking. I think I need these guys as roommates, but the neighbors may complain about all the noise we made. 

To my surprise, these two were very evenly matched. Looking at Dustin you’d expect him to be the dominating wrestler, but James did just as well as Dustin during the match-up. 

The wrestling got a little sexy and a little bit dirty, too. Wedgies and ball grabs were used to taunt and control each of the competitors. Faces were buried deep into crotches while utilizing head scissors in attempt to gain submissions on each other. The end of the match is perhaps the second sexiest part of this video, featuring a cocky kiss from the victor…and to the victor go the spoils.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 45 seconds

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