Dash vs. The Ripper

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Youthful, powerful, daring and dangerous. Dash and The Ripper are scrappy studs, full of trash talk and tenacity. Dash is lean and sexy, with a sinewy body and hot body hair that gives him a more dangerous demeanor...too bad he’s tied up in a torture device with his wrists bound above his head! The more muscular Ripper is a smooth, boyish, brutal assassin with massive pecs, tossing curls, and powerful arms...and he’s got Dash exactly where he wants him.

The Ripper rips at Dash’s pectorals, enjoying the sensual power he exacts over his enemy. But the one-sided situation isn’t challenging enough. Soon Dash is free, and the fight is ON! The obstacle is a physical one as The Ripper works to remove Dash’s yellow mask. Dash’s cape is used for choking. Dash’s body is used for lifting and slamming. Bare chests press together as shadows dance upon the wall.

It’s an athletic, balletic battle for supremacy, as two beautiful brutes fight and flail, crush and clobber, flex and fight some more. The Ripper maintains the upper hand, as he figure-fours Dash’s head and claws his hairy pecs. Will he be unmasked...depantsed...or both?! Stay tuned for the final humiliation!

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 30 seconds

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