Dash vs. Dr. Maniacal

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As we begin, Dash is already well within the clutches of the evil Dr. Maniacal.  Tied up and at the mercy of the dastardly villain, it is not long before our hero is relieved of his belt as it is used to choke him instead.  Eventually he is released from his ropes, which gives him the opportunity to attempt some offense, which, while momentarily successful, is eventually fought off by the much larger villain.  Dr. Maniacal then proceeds to do the ultimate insult for a hero, he removes the mask of Dash, exposing his identity to the world.
And that's not all,  the evil Dr. manages to strip him to his knees, exposing our hero in just a red thong.  Dash does manage to attempt several comebacks, however, he is quickly subdued by the much larger Dr. Maniacal.  Eventually brought back to his initial enslavement, Dash is once more strung up and at the evil Dr.s mercy.  But mercy isn't on the menu this time, our dastardly villain instead takes the opportunity of a wide open hard bodied hero and delivers a series of ball grabs, twisting and turning until Dash's balls threaten to come right out of his thong!
Turned around and  spanked, the final moments for our hero appear to be upon us.  One last chance for Dash to mount an offense that ultimately goes for naught and Dr. Maniacal has had enough.  A well placed sleeper hold leaves Dash on his knees, unconscious, and now fully at the villains's mercy.  What type of master plan does Maniacal have for Dash?  We may never know, but I guarantee you it will not be for the weak hearted, as the evil Dr. only knows one setting - absolute destruction of his enemies!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 53 seconds

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Fan of W4H
Poor superhero Dash

Blake Starr has been playing Dash since 2018. He is still the same young, sexy SUPERHERO. This time, DASH is captured by his worst enemy. (A scene with Dr. Manical catching Dash would have been nice.) Our poor hero has been hurt by vicious enemies before, but this time it's worse. The mask is ripped off, his identity revealed, and his costume ripped off. It's exciting to see a superhero unmasked. The evil Dr. Maniacal abuses the unmasked superhero. It's fun to watch the handsome and cute Blake's face contort in pain.
I hope Blake's Dash series continues!

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