Dark Detective vs. Detective Boy (Hypno)

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Youthful Detective Boy and brave and bold Dark Detective have been the very model of teamwork and civility for generations...but a malevolent force is hard at work bringing the Dynamic Duo to blows. As classic Detective Boy (exposed legs and all!) and grey Dark Detective celebrate their victory over the jokester, that same malevolent force worms its way into their minds...hypnotizing them, freezing them, and forcing them to do unspeakable things to one another. Dark Detective and Detective Boy have lost control of their bodies, and a dark, hypnotic voice is running the show now!

Powerless to resist, Dark Detective finds himself pinned to the wall by his faithful ward, kicked, punished, and beaten like a bitch instead of a bat. Dark Detective’s inner rage and massive muscles are revealed, as he strips off his batsuit and chokes his ward, back muscles bulging. The dark voice commands Dark Detective to punish his ward, pulling his curly hair and clenching his powerful arms around Detective Boy’s weakened frame. Detective Boy is forced to his knees and pulled apart, his eyes gazing into Dark Detective’s, pleadingly. But the benevolent Dark Detective is gone.

It’s a brutal back-and-forth, a tango of torture, complete with choking, posing, punching, pec clawing, and heroic muscles put to the test. Both the Dark Detective and Detective Boy take turns stripping one another of their suits, unmasking, and even waltzing, until they’re covered in sweat and raging against one another with wild intensity...until both heroes are left broken, their eternal bond of father/son trust now shattered forever…

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 47 seconds

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