Dark Detective vs. Detective Boy

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The boy wonder only ever wants to help the Dark Detective. Today’s adventure finds the aptly Detective Boy (Blake Starr) sporting a revealing green speedo that shows off his lean, muscular thighs. This sexy sidekick fills out the rest of his costume to perfection, complete with boots, gloves, and masks. He eagerly bounces around the batcave, looking for ways to service hot daddy (Joey Nux).

“What’s I’ve got to do is...use you,” the Dark Detective whispers, lifting the small lad over his shoulders and squatting with him.

Detective Boy flexes his flawless thigh muscles as he endures a lengthy bearbug and beating. His attitude never breaks, always grinning and asking for more. But all too soon, the punishment begins to weigh on him. The Dark Detective stomps his chest, lifts him by his neck, wrenches his arms backwards, and sees the delirious dude crawling away...only to pull him back to bash his abs.

the Dark Detective seems to forget it’s his own sidekick he’s destroying as he stands on him and rehearses a speech. Can Detective Boy survive this brutal training session?

Total Run-time: 16 minutes, 23 seconds

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More humiliation

Detective Boy looks really good suffering. It would have been nice if it was not a total squash. If Detective Boy tried to unmask Dark Detective, and was tugging the cowl by ears, I would have been even more excited. The camera work captured everything quite nicely. Nothing like a humiliating unmasking.

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