Dark Detective & Detective Boy vs. Riddlez

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The Dark Detective is in big trouble. He’s chained and strapped to a prison cell wall, but there’s nothing to fear as Detective Boy, somersaults into the scene. All will be well in Gotham now. WAIT! IT’S RIDDELZ! What’s worse, he attacks the boy of wonder from behind!!! Detective Boy appears to be no match for the wicked villain. Dark Detective begs for Detective Boy to break away and get at least one of his hands free, yet Detective Boy is at the mercy of Riddlez.

The Dark Detective encourages Detective Boy to fight and even threatens Riddlez, but it is no avail. Riddlez pulls up Detective Boy’s shirt as he works over his abs. Riddlez uses Detective Boy’s cape to choke him, frustrating Dark Detective even further. Dark Detective screams at Riddlez to just wait.

The riddler laughs and asks Dark Detective, “Wait on what?” as chokes the wonder boy until he is dazed and tells him that he has a gift for him. Detective Boy is so dazed that he isn’t able to get up when Riddlez leaves the room. The evil-doer returns waving a white rag in front of Dark Detective’s face and gives Dark Detective one of his famous riddles. “What’s white and smells like chloroform?” Before Dark Detective can answer, the riddle is answered, “IT’S CHLOROFORM!”

Detective Boy then has the tainted rag shoved in his face. Try as he may, the lad is out cold as Dark Detective screams at Riddlez that he will pay. The Dark Detective then gets the chloroform himself, followed by some serious ab punches. Riddlez brings Dark Detective around only to continue the ab punishment. The jokester toys with Dark Detective like he’s a bat trapped in a bird cage. Another application of the chloroform rag leaves the Dark Detective as limp as we’ve ever seen him.

Riddle us this: Will our superheroes be able to over come the chloroform and beat Riddlez? Will this be the end of our hard bodied heroes? Will Dark Detective be able to escape from his shackles? And the biggest riddle of all, which of Dark Detective’s “poles” will Detective Boy be sliding down tonight?

Total Run-time: 13 minutes, 41 seconds

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