Dante Bello vs. Drew Harper (Oil Bash)

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The combatants already on the mat, a shower of oil greets them from above. Drew Harper (whose white speedo nearly disappears once soaked in oil) is the first to go for a hold but as with all good oil matches, the likelihood of anyone keeping their opponent in a hold for too long is rare as the oil does everything it can to make that virtually impossible.

Nevertheless, two bodies continue to intertwine, making it hard to determine where one body ends and another body begins. Eventually Drew gets Dante in a prolonged head scissor, but the bigger Dante

finds a way to reverse and get on top of Drew. Drew makes the first extracurricular move by using a towel to choke Dante, but eventually finds he is unable to hold off the larger foreigner.

As with many oil bouts, the man who is able to put his opponent into some sort of sleeper hold for the longest usually wins, as putting your challenger to sleep is the only way to prevent them from wriggling away. Both combatants know this and so it is a contest to see who can put the other to sleep. In the end, one wrestler is able to hold the sleeper for long enough and walks away victorious, posing over his defeated opponent for all to see.

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 20 seconds

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