Danny Del Toro vs. Kiyoshi Bloom (Unleashed)

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Man, I love when two scrappy little fighter studs get catty with each other. A real rivalry starts, and you can practically feel the heat rising between them. Danny Del Toro is sure to be a star in this arena. He may not be the biggest dude, but his confidence and swagger (and that beaming smile) are huge. He comes for cute Kiyoshi Bloom - his equal in size, but not attitude - like he’s just one more obstacle in his way. Kiyoshi doesn’t appreciate Del Toro’s disregard, and a nasty little push’n’shove starts, with hard slapping sounds on sweaty, smooth chests. Instantly they’re rolling around like schoolboys in an afterschool scrap, barefoot Kiyoshi vs. boot wearing Del Toro. 

Del Toro snaps, pounding Kiyoshi’s abs and clutching his throat with a closed fist. Kiyoshi beats Del Toro’s balls, and suddenly both men have fire in their eyes as they slap together with magnetic force. They grapple, Kiyoshi elbowing Del Toro from beneath him. Del Toro informs Kiyoshi that he’s in his house, and backups the claim with a Boston crab, then a leg twisting, hair-pulling punishment. 

Del Toro twists and torments Kiyoshi’s bare feet, then grabs his balls with a ballistic, screaming attack that leaves Kiyoshi weakened. Del Toro slams Kiyoshi, feeds him a face full of armpit, then beats his vulnerable abs with his hare forearm and attacks his nipples with pinching fingers! Kiyoshi rises up again, and the catty pushing and shoving resume, only this time both men mean to cause serious damage. If you love scrappy studs in bitter, hate-fueled brawls replete with schoolboy pins, slaps, hairpulling, screaming trash talk, ball busting, and SWEAT...don’t miss this one! 

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 57 seconds

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