Dan The Man vs. Jax Thirio

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You ever been in a locker room, and you look across and see another man who in an instant you know just needs to be part of your world?  That's what happens here as Jax Thirio is getting a drink of water from the fountain and as he turns, he sees Dan the Man, decked out in a red, white and blue singlet and Jax is immediately taken with the young stud.  Taken in such a way that he needs him, but in a controlling kind of way.  Jax intends to make Dan his plaything, his bitch, his slave.  And so he goes up to Dan and lets Dan know exactly who runs the locker room, and he can either get onboard the easy way, or the hard way.  To me, it seems as though Jax was always hoping for the hard way.  When Dan gives Jax some lip in response, the pair get it on in No Holds Barred fashion right on the floor of the locker room.
The two take turns whipping each other around the mat and locking on fierce headlocks.  It is not long before both are sweating profusely.  There is a sense of respect though as they both decide upon a brief respite to grab some water.  Once that is over and done with however, the pair renew their matchup even harder than before.  It is when Jax has gained the upper hand and has Dan pinned on the mat that the match takes a decidedly erotic turn though, with Jax taking every opportunity to explore Dan's chest, armpits and crotch with his hands.  Jax leans in very close to Dan's lips just to get a full sniff of what a sweaty Dan smells like.  The two now taking the bout to a whole new level.
Jax backs Dan to the wall, his hand firmly placed on Dan's neck, showing him who the alpha male is.  He lowers Dan's singlet to his waist and continues to tease Dan's ever growing bulge through the gear.  It is obvious that not only is it effecting Dan, but he seems to be enjoying it very much.  The two rub their crotches against one another and then the battle goes down to the mat again, this time with Dan gaining a slight advantage and lowering Jax's singlet to his waist.  Jax and Dan take turns thrusting their rather excited crotches into each others face as they pin their opponent to the mat.  Finally, Jax once again gains dominance and in an ending I personally will never forget, gets Dan to admit, not only who is the victor, but who is the master and who is the bitch.
Total running time:  21 minutes, 34 seconds

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