Damion Bear Zuko vs. Chase Sinn

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There is always something intense whenever an established wrestler meets fresh meat in the squared circle.  In this case, Chase Sinn, a ring veteran meets up with Damion Bear Zuko, a brand new wrestler in his first bout.  Chase figures he needs to teach Damion a little about wrestling, even down to the basics that you break a hold whenever your opponent is in the ropes.  This is something that Chase takes advantage of liberally in the opening minutes of this bout as he seems to constantly be instructing Zuko that he is "In the ropes...break the hold...".
Chase seems to stuck in a time loop where every time he puts Damion in a reverse arm bar, the new wrestler seems to reverse it and place it back on Chase.  Finally, Chase has had enough and places Zuko in an abdominal stretch followed by some crushing blows to the big man's back.  Chase has had enough and figure four leglocks give way to Texas Cloverleafs give way to good old fashion boots to the chest of Zuko.  Zuko screams he submits more than once, but that is not enough to satisfy Chase, he wants to make an example of the new kid.
Once Chase gets on a roll there is nowhere the big man can hide from his relentless onslaught.  Chops to the chest, multiple sleeper holds, trap claws and more all keep Zuko down on the mat, weakened and unable to mount any offense.  Chase has had it with all of the rope play from earlier and now he is just in full on pain mode.  Zuko's heavy breathing, murmurs of please to stop all fall on deaf ears until Chase is finally ready to put the bulky newbie on the mat and count for a 1-2-3.  "Don't mess with Chase!" he instructs the defeated wrestler and exits the ring, another job well done in the career of Chase!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 50 seconds

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