Daddy Texas vs. Drew Harper

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As the newbie in W4H sometimes the worst jobs are assigned to you.  Case in point:  Daddy Texas is give the task of making sure that the mats are cleaned with soapy water.  Luckily for Daddy Texas, Drew Harper decides that he will help him by washing away the soapy water after Daddy Texas has scrubbed the mats.  To be honest, I am not sure if Drew was really trying to help Daddy Texas or he just wanted to get his hands on the young stud, figuring he could teach him a lesson.
Blows to Daddy's back, and leg scissors help Drew to quickly gain the upper hand.  A deep Boston Crab has Daddy screaming in pain, begging for mercy, something Drew does not provide.  He figures that Daddy needs to learn all the lessons that he had to learn as a newbie.....and he is just the man to deliver them.  Even when Daddy says he quits, Drew continues the hold, explaining that he needs to apply the hold deeper and in a more painful way.  Daddy pleads to have Drew let him go, and Drew says he will, once the lesson has been learned.
Drew decides to visit the ultimate humiliation on Daddy Texas as the final part of his lesson, a leg scissor of Daddy's head soon has the young stud unconscious on the mat.  A prolonged 10 count makes sure that the viewers know that Drew has completely and utterly defeated Daddy Texas.  Daddy may or may not have learned his lesson as he is in dreamland for the end of the match.  I am sure when he sees the video he will realize that all of the newbies have to pay the same price, and someday it will his turn to deliver a lesson to some new young wrestler!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 27 seconds

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