Daddy Texas vs. Damion Bear Zuko & Dr. Maniacal (2-on-1)

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Sometimes the new guys think they are invincible.  Case in point:  Daddy Texas is in a ring with Dr. Maniacal and Damion Bear Zuko.  Even though he is outnumbered, Daddy Texas still begins by trash talking until he is unceremoniously deposited in the corner by the ring veteran Dr. Maniacal.  Blows to the chest from both the mad Dr. and Damion leave Daddy feeling the pain.  His spirit, however, is not diminished as he continues to put forth a brave face during the onslaught.
Picked up and dropped several times by both Maniacal and Damion, suddenly Daddy Texas finds he no longer has the breath to trash talk as he is too busy breathing heaving and moaning in pain.  Bodyslams to the mat, nipple twists, double corner splashes all leave Daddy Texas barely able to stand and certainly unable to mount any type of defense against his duo of attackers.  Stripped of his square-cut trunks to just a blue thong, Daddy Texas is subjected to the humiliation of a spanking by the pair.
When it finally comes time to do away with the virtually lifeless Daddy Texas, a series of giant splashes on the mat occur, first with Dr. Maniacal, then with Damion Bear Zuko, and in an innovative move, Zuko climbs on Maniacal's back and a third and final splash occurs.  Once completed, Daddy Texas can barely move or even generate any type of sound to beg for mercy or to submit.  I think going forward, Daddy Texas will watch what he says in his matches, especially when you are outnumbered, because they may just come back to bite you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 43 seconds

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