Daddy Texas vs. Blake Starr

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You would be hard pressed to find two more delicious specimens of manhood than Blake Starr and Daddy Texas.  Both chiseled, both obviously familiar with the weight room and great fitness, so when they end up on the mat together, you can bet that you are in for a visual feast!  Daddy Texas is just trying to get some sun, but Blake comes along with a container of water to cool off the mat AND Daddy Texas.  Soon the two are at each other for dominance on the mat, and only one can walk away with the win!
It's not often that Blake can say he has the advantage of experience, but that is certainly the case here.  Blake pulls out every move he can think of, whether they are legal or not.  He is not afraid to go to the dark side for an advantage, and he does that on more than one occasion.  Daddy Texas is a quick learner, and what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and if you're gonna dish it out, you gotta be able to take it, and so he quickly sees some of the move Blake pulls and delivers them himself!
In the end, experience wins the day, with Blake putting Daddy Texas on his place.  With a declaration that "Blake Starr us back baby!" Blake leaves the mat with Daddy Texas laying face down, having been drenched in water.  Blake seems to have a new swagger to him, hopefully something that he'll carry over into subsequent matches.  Whether you like to see a hard body dominate or be dominated, you get both here, so the real winner is of course you!  You won't regret adding this one to your collection!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 10 seconds

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