Daddy Jax vs. The Wonder

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As we join the action we see that our hero, The Wonder is already captured by Daddy Jax.  Trying to escape the netting he is trapped in, the Wonder will not get out before he is met by Daddy Jax.  And wherever Daddy Jax is, his diabolical mist is soon to follow.  Pouring over the helpless hero, soon the Wonder is unconscious and being trash talked and abused by Daddy Jax.  The Wonder can do nothing but moan in pain and roll around the mat firmly in the grasp of his arch enemy.  But an even worst fate is about to befall our hero.
When Daddy Jax turns his attention to the Wonder's crotch, it is not long before low blows, ball claws and a relentless series of boot stomps to the crotch leave our hero unable to even move.  Low blow after low blow serve to keep our hero unable to focus on his opponent, and open to more of that devious mist that Jax brings with him.  An extended wedgie sequence keeps out hero on his toes trying to fight it off, but it is not long before any hope of offense from the Wonder is gone for good.  Sleeper holds give way to even more punishment.
Jax is not only a man who cheats, but he has real power as well, and he uses it to his advantage here.  Bearhugs cause our hero to have trouble getting air into his lungs, and with each deep breath, more and more strength leaves the Wonder.  One final sleeper leaves the Wonder unconscious on the mat, Daddy Jax posing victoriously over him.  Placing the net back over the prone hero, the mist once again invades the ring, pouring over the downed Wonder, forever claiming him.  Will he ever be seen again?  Not if Daddy Jax has his way!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 37 seconds

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