Daddy Jax vs. Detective Lads

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Detective Lads are in the ring pumping each other up, promoting themselves, and generally messing around waiting to see what comes next.  From outside the ring comes Daddy Jax, a man of obvious fashion sense who seems to be very comfortable in the ring and against any wannabe heroes he may come upon.  What he doesn't know is that Detective Lads had practiced some coordination of their powers, and soon Jax finds himself on his back, a victim of the Lads double clothesline.  The pair then quickly set themselves upon the bigger man, corralling him into the corner where they double team him.
The double team doesn't confine itself just to the corner though as the keep Jax down, thereby eliminating any power advantage he may have had.  They also strip him of his gloves when they realize that they could be the source of his power.  Taking turns bending his legs backwards and stretching him from behind, it appears as though our villain may have underestimated his opponents.  However, seemingly from nowhere a strange mist suddenly appears, knocking out our heroes and giving Jax just the moment he needs to gain the upper-hand.  Gathering up one of his gloves, he is now ready to take on the pair.
And from that moment forward, the tide has changed for our pair of heroes.  Neither separately nor combined are they able to take down Daddy Jax again.  In fact, Jax makes relatively short order of the pair, driving them to the mat, stripping them down to thongs, choking them into submission and effectively using his strange mist again to incapacitate them.  I think the duo would do well to make sure they have things firmly in control before they begin their celebration, as Jax proves that he is more than enough man to deal with not only one hero, but two!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 22 seconds

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