Cuban Heartbreaker vs. Cash

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The Cuban Heartbreaker is in the ring posing for the camera.  Enter a veteran of the underground wrestling scene - Cash.  Cash has been around.  His matches for W4H are lengendary (especially his oil matches.....seriously....check them out).  He compliments the Heartbreaker on his physique and tells him to continue posing, but approaches him and gets a little too playful for the Cuban, who after a couple of "love taps" to his abs decides that it is time to actually get it on and puts Cash into a head lock.  As I said though, Cash is ring veteran and it is not long before he has the Heartbreaker in a schoolboy pin, posing himself, letting the Cuban know, "this is my ring."
The Cuban manages to break free and soon the pair is rolling around the ring, neither grappler being able to claim the upper hand.  Both wrestlers deliver blows to their opponents midsection while the have the advantage, and soon Cash is able to slap on a sleeper hold on the Heartbreaker as they are both lying on the mat.  In a moment of mercy (or is it just he hasn't finished playing yet?) Cash releases the hold telling the Cuban that he knows "he has lots of fight left in him".  More blows, and a whip off the ropes for the Heartbreaker followed by a clothesline and leg drop on the sexy Cuban and Cash is controlling the situation once more.
Cash seems like a cat with a toy as he finds new ways to deliver the pain to the Heartbreaker.  When the end finally comes, it is the form of an arm the turns into a leg scissor on the Cuban's head keeping blood and oxygen from getting to the Cuban's brain.  As the Cuban fades, Cash jumps up and delivers a straight out choke hold until the Heartbreaker nods off for a final time.  With his opponent asleep on the mat, Cash poses in the ring victorious, stating, "This is my $%^&* ring!".  The Cuban may break others hearts, but at the end of his match, there are lots of him that are broken thanks to Cash!  
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 15 seconds

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