Craven Justice vs. Havox

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What would you do is you were tasked with getting information from someone, and you knew that they were not going to give it willingly?  What if the information may very well save thousands of lives?  That is the dilemma Craven Justice finds himself in when he has the captured Havoc bound to a chair, hooded and unwilling to give up the information.  
At first remaining silent and unseen by Havoc, clad only in a pair of black underwear, the chiseled Craven Justice starts by choking his captive, tugging on his nipples causing moans from Havoc.  His playing with his new toy has just begun!   When Craven does finally speak, it is only to give a command to his captive...."You're going to tell me those secrets".  At first Havoc feigns ignorance but then tells his tormentor that he isn't going to tell him anything.  Wrong move I am afraid!
Some slaps to the head, more nipple twists and finally Craven Justice removes the hood from Havoc who tells Craven he isn't going to get s admn thing out of him!  Some rear headlocks from Craven Justice until he decides to up the ante somewhat and from out of nowhere a clothespin is applied to one of Havoc's nipples.  When Havoc laughs in Craven's face when he is asked to reveal the secret, a second clothespin gets added to his other nipple.  Havoc shakes in pain to still refuses to give in.  The more Craven demands, the more Havoc laughs in his face.  A second clothespin is attached to each nipple.  Still nothing from the captured villain.  Craven decides to go even further, with a clothespin now clipped to Havoc's cock through his underwear.  This results in more laughter.  Can the villain be forced to give up the secret?
Choked with the shoulder strap from his captors costume, and then another clothespin attached, this time to his nose, all it seems Havoc can do is laugh, and we're not sure if this is a coping mechanism or actual enjoyment.  Craven's patience is running thin however, and he slaps on more headlocks, puts the hood back on Havoc and slaps his across the face as he continues to demand the secret.  Falling off the chair, still hooded, now two clothespins are attached to his bulge and he begins to whimper.  Finally he tells Craven the information that he has been wanting all along, it was him!  Craven tells him he knew that, grabs a weapon off the wall and the video ends.  The end of the torture is finally here, but is it also the end of Havoc as well?  We may never know, but you will definitely want to watch this video!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 19 seconds

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