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Donevan versus Josh

There are some W4H wrestlers that you know are just made for and oil match.  Where you look at them and just say, "Yeah, I would love to see him all oiled up and rolling around with another muscular stud."  When you get two of those in the same match, well, that just seems like we're just being greedy.  That's what we have as we watch Josh and Donevan apply the oil to themselves and begin their match.  It is clear that neither has any experience in oil as they quickly begin to lose their balance and seem somewhat surprised when their opponent manages to slither out of their grasp.  Not that we are complaining, when they do get together, the two seem to almost be moving as one as the oil makes their movements almost sync up. 

In the end, one combatant is able to keep their opponent from sliding away long enough for them to cinch in a sleeper hold, and when their opponent drifts off the Dreamland, we are left with just the glorious sight of one of these two studs, glistening in oil, prone on the tarp.  Whether or not you are a fan of oil, I can guarantee you will enjoy seeing this pair slathered up and going at one another.

Total running time:  22 minutes, 23 seconds

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