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Josh versus Vinny (Part 2)

When we left Josh and Vinny at the end of Part 1, the pair were kneeling on the mat, having exchanged Greco-Roman moves with each other, neither grappler gaining the upper hand.  This continues into the beginning of Part 2, where they both take time controlling the other.  One problem though, although they may wrestling with Greco-Roman moves, their is no referee to call a pin, and so the match continues.  When the two decide they have had enough, they strip each other of their singlets and soon they are each wearing a very small thong on the mat. 

More back and forth with bearhugs and headlocks until one manages to lock on a tight sleeper hold and watches his opponent drift off.  Pushing his vanquished foe to the side, he gets up, places his foot on his opponents chest and declares himself the winner.  Two very muscular dudes using nothing but strength against strength makes this a winning video!

Total running time:  12 minutes, 35 seconds

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