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Collin versus Alex

Collin is just lazily on the couch, bored out of his mind.  Suddenly from off screen we hear Alex enter and he asks Collin where the $500 is that was left in the hotel room.  Collin rather sheepily tells Alex that he took it and spent it, which, needless to say, does not go over well with Alex.  Trying to keep his composure, Alex then devises a plan to get the money back, in a double or nothing contest with Collin.  The two decide they will do a best of 5 arm wrestling contest to determine the winner.  After splitting the first four bouts, a winner is declared and the pair move on to bearhugs.
That doesn't last long, however, as the two are basically winded from the fierce arm wrestling competition, so the duo decide to go for a straightforward test of strength contest which although starts off well, descends to a cheap blow by Alex with a knee to Collin's ribs and now a good, old-fashioned beatdown occurs.  Alex puts Collin in several painful and devastating hold, each designed to weaken Collin until he submits and the contest is over.  Collin doesn't know what hit him and so he just moves as victim from hold to hold, screaming in pain but never giving up.
Seeing that Collin will not actually submit, Alex resorts to the one hold that he knows Collin can't come back from, a sleeper hold.  Cinched in tight, Alex's forearms restricting the flow of blood to Collin's head and depriving him of much needed air, eventually Collin succumbs to Alex's vise-like grip and falls to the carpet, alone with his thoughts in Slumberland.  Alex takes a moment to pose, but then walks off making plans for what he will do when he gets the $500 from Collin.  Two toned physiques in a variety of combats, all for your viewing pleasure!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 25 seconds

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