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Elite Eliot versus Jack Dillon

Every once in a while we get two people in a ring who have some real pro wrestling chops.  Take this bout between Elite Eliot and Jack Dillon.  Both have been around the block, and have real world, professional wrestling experience that they bring to this bout.  Although the start begins with the two trash talking, it is not long until both are trading moves and reverses in the best pro wrestling tradition.  Each seems to have a focus on a particular part of their opponents body, and they are relentless in their efforts to make it their opponent's weakness.  For Dillon, he is focused on Eliot's legs, knees and ankle, as evidenced from the get go when he places Eliot in an ankle log, causing Eliot to scream in pain.
Eliot is less focused on a certain body part of Dillon's and instead seems content to deliver blow after blow to whichever of Dillon's body parts seems closest to him.  Soon it becomes a game of who can last the longer, and with Dillon so focused, Eliot soon finds it is hard to even stand in the ring and before you know it, Dillon has Eliot on his back, as he removes one of Eliot's boots.  A few more minutes of stretching and typing Eliot up in different ways, and Dillon is ready to deliver a DDT to Eliot which puts him down for good.  Giving Eliot a wedgie for good luck and Dillon has his win over his foe.  Lots of great pro grappling in this will leave you wanting to see these two men in an arena near you!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 47 seconds

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