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Enzo versus Drew Harper

It is not often that we get a wrestler directly address the camera and let us know exactly what has gone down before the action begins.  In this video, Enzo tells us that his Vegas "roommate" decided to take Enzo's credit card and charge $5000 on it.  Obviously not pleased, Enzo has a plan to exact some revenge, at least the physical kind. 

Acquiring some chloroform on the black market, Enzo comes up upon Drew from behind, begins so light banter, and before you know it, Slaps a chloroform soaked rag in the face of Drew, rendering him unconscious.  Dragging Drew to the bed, Enzo begins to take out a pound of flesh as partial payment and slaps on a Boston Crab which finally awakes the sleeping Harper. 

Totally out of it, Drew doesn't understand what is happening until Enzo tells him, and Drew denies it over and over, with each denial just upping the intensity of the beatdown.  Choking with shirts, bed linens, anything that Enzo can find, Enzo also picks Drew up repeatedly on his shoulders and slams him down on the bed.  

By the end of Part 1, Drew has now admitted what has happened and promises to pay Enzo back as soon as he can, but his phone is currently dead.  Enzo storms out of the bedroom at the conclusion of this part, but what fate awaits Drew in Part 2?  You'll have to watch to find out!

Total running time:  11 minutes, 02 seconds

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Alex Ale

Very nice Drew 's strangled scene

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