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Mario versus Daddy Texas

In Part 1, the aesthetically pleasing pair of Daddy Texas and Mario spent the time exchanging blows and moves, with neither claiming an outright advantage.  It ended with Mario having thrown Daddy onto the couch.  We pick the action right where we left off, and Mario is upon Daddy, driving his knee into Mario's balls, causing him to bend over in pain and fall off the couch in the fetal position.  Before Mario can add to that, however, Daddy delivers the ultimate equalizer in the form of a low blow.  Suddenly, it is Mario bent over, his face turning red, unable to stand.  When everything settles, Mario is in a reverse chin lock trying to break free.
Watching these two wrestle each other, it is almost a shame one has to be declared the winner.  The two are just such incredible physical specimens that it is tough to pick a favorite (so I won't even try).  Backs are stretched, more low blows are delivered and each pushed to their limit in this extremely pleasing video.  It is only with the application of a form of a dragon sleeper that one combatant taps out and a winner is decided....but for my money, the winners are definitely the viewers, being able to watch these two Adonises go at each other tooth and nail.  You won't be sorry you watched this video!
Total running time:  12 minutes, 06 seconds

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