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Mario versus Daddy Texas (Part 1)

I think I am safe in saying that you would be hard pressed to find to more toned, fit, muscular wrestlers than Daddy Texas and Mario.  Here the two star across the hotel room at each, neither saying a word, but speaking volumes in their silence.  The two come face to face, chest to chest, neither one backing one....just a few alpha male shoves to one another.  When Mario becomes the first to deliver a couple of blows to Daddy Texas' head, the match is on!  It appears as though the two are pretty evenly matched as well.  Neither is much of a trash talker, the grunts and heavy breathing from the contest is all we hear from the two.  
Just when one seems to get the upper hand, the other will come back and pounce on their opponent, reinforcing the idea that you have to press the advantage!  Part 1 ends with Mario slapping on a nice full nelson, fully exposing Daddy Texas' toned chest and six pack abs.  He throws Daddy onto the couch and we are ready for Part 2.  It is shame really, these two are more suited to being a model for a real life status rather than beating on each other.  They are just that good!  
Total running time:  10 minutes, 52 seconds

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