City Crusher vs. Red Baron & Mini Baron

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There is an age old philosophical question that heroes often face.  In the pursuit of doing good and saving lives, how far are they willing to go?  It is acceptable to use some of the tactics of villains, if your final result will save hundreds, potentially thousands of people?  That is what is faced by the heroes Red Baron and Mini Baron. 

They have captured the villainous City Crusher, but they do not know his plans.  If the only way to find out the plan and stop it before it can do unimaginable damage is to beat the information out of him, is that acceptable?  It soon becomes clear that in the minds of this pair, it definitely is.  And so begins a process of not only beating City Crusher, but wearing down their opponent to not only learn of the plan, but also find a way to stop it.
City Crusher, although bound, at first offers no cooperation to tell either of the heroes what his plan is, and why would he?  As a result, our heroes then begin a process of wearing him down, delivering blow after blow to Crusher's midsection.  With each blow, the resistance seems to weaken a little bit more.  However, it is not until an extended period of blows and kicks to his abdomen that Crusher finally admits his plan is to destroy the city with a bomb.  Or course, once this is revealed, Red Baron and Mini Baron must find out how to stop the bomb and deactivate it.  Once again, City Crusher refuses to cooperate and so the beating recommences.
As the beating of our villain continues, now our heroes need the code to deactivate the bomb and save the city.  When City Crusher offers up a code of 1-2-3-4, the Barons don't believe him and start placing more fists and boots on the bound villain.  City Crushers pleads that that is the code for the bomb, but the more he claims so, the less the heroes believe him.  They even place the bomb in City Crusher's speedo hoping that the thought of blowing his own crotch off might persuade him to tell the truth.  As more assurances that 1-2-3-4 is the correct code, the Barons turn to spanking him and begin their countdown from 10 before the bomb goes off. 
Will the get the code before then?  Or will City Crusher sacrifice himself to destroy the city as was his original plan?  You'll have to watch to find out!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  17 minutes, 46 seconds

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