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Shawn Duncan versus Shatter

Sometimes a guy just wants to relax. 

And sometimes another guy just wants to beat on your ass. 

This match is such a joy to watch that Travis Maverick & Drew Harper sit off-camera (and occasionally on-camera) to get a front row seat of this ass whooping)

Here, Shawn is relaxing in the lawn chair at an AirBNB in Miami with his friends when he is challenged by a much bigger, beefier guy than himself who starts the proceedings by dumping Shawn out of the lawn chair and going to town on the surprised Shawn.  Subject to his opponents larger frame, Shawn finds himself choked, dunked in a nearby hot tub, lifted up on his shoulders and then dropped unceremoniously and slammed into a nearby wooden fence.  Shawn is nothing if not resourceful though, and once he has his bearings, he manages to get in some offense of his own, surprising the large grappler...then he attacks the nuts!

Shawn delivers some of the most precise wrestling moves in his tool-belt, but, alas, it is too little, too late and when he doesn't put down the big guy, he gives him the opening  to come back at him and leverage his large frame.  Shawn is eventually worn down by the larger wrestler, and when he finds himself within the grasp of the large man's sleeper hold, he is not long for this world and slowly succumbs to the lack of oxygen. 

Big man Shatter returns the earlier favor of the ball bash with a few shots to the family jewels of his own.

Shatter rams Shawn's nutsack into a palm tree and continues pulling at it until Drew Harper comes in with a fresh beer for the burley man as he is easily in control of the smaller, ripped opponent. Shatter eyes and attacks the beautiful puffy nipples of his buddy and loves every second of it.

Sometimes it is best to just let a bigger man have his way and avoid all of the drama and pain that come with it.  

Total running time:  20 minutes, 26 seconds

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JayCee Penni

Wish we could see big Shatter in his speedo again.

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