Christian Thorn vs. Scrappy (Thongs)

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Ferocious fireplug Scrappy looks massive in only a lavender g-string. That boyish face...those massive arms...that bulge and that butt. He stretches his powerfully built frame, ready for the wild rumpus he’s about to be a part of. Christian Thorn sports a white g-string, stretching and loosening his brawny body with his sizable bulge and flawless ass taking center stage. 

These guys were made to fight each other, and with each matchup they become better and better opponents for one another. From the initial lockup you can see it in their eyes, they know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and the near nudity of wearing only g-strings while they have their barbarous way with each other only brings them closer Greek gladiators with skin-on-skin and muscle-on-muscle...nothing to hide, powered by savage power and a hunger for dominance. 

They circle, asses bared, skin slapping together as they tumble to the mats. You can practically feel the force exchanged between them as they strangle, squeeze, crush, and clobber one another in long, sweaty grappling scuffles that send them rolling and raging. It’s an even match, with the winner unclear until the very end. 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 35 seconds

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