Christian Thorn vs. Guido Genatto (Gut Bash)

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Holy Hell!!! Guido comes out with handcuffs?!!? You know this BAD news! We don’t see anything good coming from this. The match starts with Guido attacking Christian in the locker room. As we hear Christian screaming, Guido drags him into the ring and has a pair of handcuffs. Guido gets Christian in the corner of the ring and is “admiring” his abs. Who wouldn’t? Christian has gorgeous abs – and everything else. That said, Guido begins his relentless assault on Christian’s abs. This hairy muscle daddy is looking to inflict incredible amount of pain into this young rookie and there’s no doubt that he will succeed in doing so. 

It isn’t long before Christian has his left wrist handcuffed to the top rope. This is quickly followed by his right wrist being cuffed to the top rope on the other side of the ring corner. The reality is that Christian couldn’t beat Guido if Guido was the one who was cuffed. We just hope Christian comes out of this match alive. Christian does make meager attempts to defend himself, but they do nothing other that irritate an already irate Guido. Guido releases Christian from the ropes but cuffs him to himself for a power slam and more ab torture. He then cuffs both hands behind Christian’s back and continues to ab punishment. At this point, Christian’s abs are about the same shade of red as his boots. When Guido says, “It’s time to shift to the next level,” we truly fear for Christian. 

Guido continually moves Christian around, placing the cuffs wherever he wants them. The gut-bashing is relentless and there’s little doubt that Christian will be in extreme pain for days to come. Fortunately for us, Christian’s ample package is on full display in his lemon-lime colored trunks. The ending is so brutal that it must be witnessed as we aren’t even sure how to accurately describe the torture. We are very perplexed as Guido finally releases Christian. Guido says, “It’s a small price to pay to be my slave for a night.” Did Christian make a deal to be Guido’s slave for a night? What kind of slave? Personal slave doing his cooking, cleaning, and laundry? Sexual slave doing, well, you know? This is something we’ll have to investigate. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 16 minutes, 37 seconds

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