Christian Thorn vs. Dashing Dustin

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Dashing Dustin looks out of place next to Christian Thorn. Sure, both dudes are young and confident, but only Thorn has the musculature of an impossibly hot comic book hero. The initial tie-up results in Dustin getting thrown. But amazing, the slimmer dude leaps to his feet to take down Thorn!

Wrapped up in those long legs, Thorn struggles and gags, desperate to preserve his reputation. But it’s not gonna be easy. Dustin has the glimmer of a blooming heel in his face. With each collision, Dustin strikes harder. Soon Thorn is sweating, twisting Dustin’s arm, pulling his hair, and all with the ultimate effort on Thorn’s part. Suddenly it seems that Dustin’s greatest strength just might be his ability to take punishment.

Thorn soon realizes this is gonna require some serious thought. Power and skill alone won’t beat Dustin. The barefoot bruisers rip into each other, Thorn securing a powerful camel clutch. Dustin tries to wriggle free, but Thorn secures his wrists, planting a bare foot in the small of his back and nearly pulling the pale jobber apart.

“Get up!” Thorn barks, every muscle in his back glowing with sweat. Dustin doesn't hesitate, applying a relentless sleeper to Thorn, and tossing him away only when he becomes bored. It’s an exciting back-and-forth, filled with surprises and brutal punishment. Muscle stud vs. jobber boy...and neither man is completely what he appears to be!

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 14 seconds

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Wrestling lesson

The outcome of this 20-minute bout is obvious from the first flex. It is really a lesson in watching Christian Thorn wrestle, how he is willing to suffer to sell a match and to show off a wide range of holds. His talent is overwhelming and makes some of us regret he was not just let loose against tougher opponents. Instead, he was too often wasted as a jobber.

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