Christian Thorn vs. Calvin Rogers

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Calvin Rogers (5'11", 180 lbs, Pennsylvania)
Christian Thorn (5'6", 150 lbs, Missouri)

Calvin Rogers has that all-American look. He’d be at home on football field as he on the wrestling mat. We open with him giving a beautiful warmup in a traditional red speedo. His opponent, the bad boy model Christian Thorn jumps into the scene rocking a small posing bikini and begins his own warmup. 

Cocky Christian is a spark plug of energy, you know when he gets his hands on a wrestler, he is almost impossible to lockdown. Within two minutes he gets the first submission over the bigger Calvin. 

But Calvin is all about the long game. His technical prowess is his power. He is methodical in his wrestling as opposed to Christians manic energy. He locks Christian into long and hard holds, trying to keep him in one spot, so he can then make him submit, and he does just that! 

But if you are a fan of Christian, you also know that the longer the match goes, the more energy he gets, especially if his opponent gets the upper hand. He jumps on Calvin and uses his signature scissor hold! Calvin isn’t expecting this and can’t get the smaller opponent back in his control! These two go back and forth like crazy, even changing the submission rules so they can keep the fight going! 

If you are a fan of big vs. small wrestling, this NHB Battle is for you! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 38 seconds

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Even to the end

You won't know who wins this match until within the last minute - a great part of its attraction. Neither man ever stops trying hard with Thorn, as usual, facing an opponent who heavily outweighs him. It's a hill Thorn never stops climbing. Mat matches suit the camera better than the ring and this adds to the appeal. If you enjoy NHB wrestling, you won't be disappointed in this match.

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