Christian Thorn vs. Blake Starr vs. Ethan Andrews (Thongs)

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What’s better than 2 hot guys in things going at each other on the mat? How about 3 hot guys? We join Christian, Ethan and Blake helping each other stretch on the mat. Soon the battle is joined, and head locks and leg scissors become the method of attack. A quick tap out by Christian finds him soon watching the festivities waiting for his turn.

The most difficult part of a 3-man match for the combatants is that you never know where any allegiances lie or who is your enemy or friend. Someone you may be teaming up with one minute could very well turn on you in an instant, so you must have every sense working and literally have eyes in the back of your head to watch all attacks.

The back and forth continues with each fighter giving it as good as he gets. Lots of ball grabs, low blows, bear hugs and spanking punctuate the open season on all fighters in this three-way bout. Don’t be surprised if some foreign objects even make their way into the action! In the end, a unique double sleeper puts two of the fighters out at the same time, leaving the last fighter seemingly the victor, just to have it all crashing down by a last-minute launch from outside the mat!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 27 minutes, 26 seconds

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