Christian Thorn vs. Blake Starr (Re-Match)

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Christian Thorn and Blake Starr have a friendly rivalry going, but you’d never know it by the way they dig into each other with slaps, punches, and headbutts. These guys literally corner and backhand each other with open hands, ride each other’s backs while pulling hair like reigns, and feed each other one brutal choke-hold after another. Within just the first two minutes of this match each man has been thrown to the floor so many times it’s hard to keep track. Cameras move in for intimate shots of long-held stretches and rolling sessions.

“How’s that vag feelin’?” harks Thorn, as he brutalizes Starr's balls like a boss. Every possible body part is used as a weapon. Legs become houses of pain. Fingers become grasping tentacles designed exclusively for wringing necks and punishing grinning faces. Feet become delivers of agony. Knees are ball-busting stones that leave these beautiful men gasping and groaning like wounded beasts.

Trash talk invites sleepers and nelsons, tests of strength result in dudes being practically tied to the ropes. Again and again these powerful men are raised into the sky and thrown to the floor, only to be hair-pulled and face-sat with gleeful fury.

Thorn seems to wear down Starr, forcing him to his knees, clenching his neck, and laughing with a malicious, manic zeal. Can sexy Starr find the energy to survive this sweat-drenched session of cheap-shots and torture?

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 18 seconds

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