Christian Thorn (Tickled by Blake Starr)

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Blake Starr knows a lot about tickling as he is ticklish as hell and  has gotten it from a lot of top wrestlers.  This time, it’s Blake’s turn to dish it out, and he is prepared.  Christian Thorn is tied to the recliner in a speedo with his bare feet propped up and exposed.  Blake loves having the wrestler helpless and intends to take full advantage.  He has even come with his own tickle torture kit and lets Christian know he is going to get it good.  Blake keeps up a constant stream of abuse and taunting as he uses tool after tool to work over the furious Christian.  Blake gets Christian’s feet nice and wet and then goes to town on his tied body and helpless bare feet.

Blake uses a deadly brush on Christian’s tied bare feet and scrubs them hard sending intense sensations straight to Christian’s frazzled brain.  The brush is truly evil and Christian goes crazy from the sheer intensity.  His feet are very sensitive and are not made to handle being tickled by a determined and skilled tickler.  When Blake uses a fork on the sole of Christian’s bare foot, Christian literally cannot handle it. If the tickling wasn’t humiliating and maddening enough, Blake goes even further and tortures Christian with ice cubes.  The tough wrestler is forced to endure sensations and torments that no one should have to suffer, but Blake doesn’t care.  He wants to destroy the muscled jock and Christian has to take it.

Total Run-time: 11 minutes, 39 seconds

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