Christian Satinall vs. Nick Justice (Play Toy)

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Nick has been looking for another slave and has sent is minions out to find one for him. Hence we see poor, young, skinny Christian tied up and waiting for Nick to arrive. Christian has a look of fear in his eyes, and with good reason. He’s in for the beating of his life and he knows it. Nick grabs him by the face and launches a series of f-bomb-laced threats which he is sure to carry out. After a few quick hits, he releases Christian’s hands, grabs him by his long, purple hair, and throws him to the canvas. Christian has his shoulder, arm, and wrist twisted in a way that us wincing in pain just watching it. Nick taunts him, trying to get him to admit he’s a failure. A back body drop leaves Christian flat on his back, practically crying in pain. Nick gives him an opportunity to quit, but he says “not yet” when asked. Probably the wrong answer as Nick doesn’t appear to be in a mood to give any kind of mercy to his young victim. 

Physical abuse is definitely a specialty of Nick’s, but he’s equally good at verbal abuse, as poor Christian finds out. Christian stupidly says he’s never going to submit to Nick. Those are words he will soon live to regret. All he can do is grunt and moan in pain as Nick continues his relentless assault. Christian endures an unreal amount of abuse, yet it still is not enough for Nick as he puts his young victim into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker. Nick almost dances around the ring with Christian strung helplessly across his shoulders, continuously crying out in pain. Christian is laying there suffering more verbal abuse with Nick going so far as to ask him if he is ready to die. The fear on Christian’s face is unmistakable. Christian is put into a figure-four leglock that literally has him crying. 

As each hold is applied, more cries of pain come from Christian. He is defenseless and helpless against the ruthless Nick Justice. Christian finally submits and says he gives up, only to have Nick tell him he is going to kill him. Nick refuses to let up on the verbal assaults, calling him gutter trash and a street rat. He isn’t content to beat Christian and win the match, he wants unbelievable punishment and humiliation of this young kid. A ray of hope comes in when Nick tells Christian he is going to let him go. It is, of course, only a few seconds later that Nick pulls him over his shoulder and piledrives him onto the canvas. Nick uses his pulverizing head scissors to put our poor jobber to sleep, the pulls him up by his hair and tells him that his soul belongs to him now. Christian never stood a chance in the match. He was overpowered from the very beginning and never was able to even defend himself, much less launch an offense.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 56 seconds

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