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Drew Harper versus Scrappy (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this video, Scrappy had been caught taking the rent money and using it for other reasons, something Drew did not take too kindly too.  As a result, Drew decided to take what he was owed out of a beat down of Scrappy.  

As we begin Part 2, Scrappy is still reeling from the relentless assault by Drew, who continues to deprive Scrappy of much needed air.  Straight out chokes, sneakers and shins across the throat of Scrappy are all employed to further exact Drew's revenge.  There seems to be one thing Drew has forgotten though, Scrappy is a veteran of these type of battles, and if you don't put him down quickly, he will find a way to come back, and come back he does as he traps Drew in some choke holds of his own.  

A leg scissor on Drew's head sets him up for a modified Dragon sleeper on him that puts him out for good, leaving Scrappy to claim that he will pay the rent, as soon as he finds where Drew keeps his money.  Two incredibly ripped and accomplished studs going at each other in this winning video!

Total running time:  10 minutes, 19 seconds

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